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I have been able to get my SSIS process to handle the Insert and Updates using Sorts, Merge Join, and conditional split.

I am not sure how I could handle the delete on my destination table because my merge join is a left join operation off the source (So I can handle inserts). How have others handled this scnerio? I tried changing to a full outer join so I could look for a null in the source, but that didn't seem to work?

Flow (Sources: Source and Destination, Sorts: Source and Destination, Merge Join, Conditional Split: Insert and Update).

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Not sure if this will be what you want to do, but since the question has no responses, thought I would mention MERGE If you are running SQL Server 2008. You could add a SQL Task to SSIS and code the query handle the inserts, updates, deletes, or any subset as needed:

Here is the MS documentation: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb510625.aspx

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