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I am new to FLEX and I am planning to display video on web page.My mxml code is below

<mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="horizontal">
     <mx:Array id="movieList">
	    <mx:List id="cntlMovie" dataProvider="{movieList}" width="300" />
	    <mx:Button label="Pause" click="cntlDisp.pause();" />
	    <mx:Button label="Play" click="cntlDisp.play();" />
    <mx:VideoDisplay id="cntlDisp" source="{cntlMovie.selectedItem.valueOf()}"
      width="400" height="300" />

I am running Apache2.2.11 server. When I run the above code, the browser just hangs(does not respond). When the video url(http://localhost/Flex/Butterfly.flv) is directly accessed, it prompts to download the video file.

Could someone provide some help on this.

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Install Charles and monitor the request (you might need to use your computer name instead of localhost). Is the request coming through to the server? What's the response status code?

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here's the link to charles charlesproxy.com –  James Hay Feb 18 '09 at 19:42
Thanks.Now I can play the video. –  DonX Feb 19 '09 at 4:21

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