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I'm getting error:

Could not establish a connection to database

when I connect with MySQL .NET connector. I'm fully sure of that the username is right, the password is right, the database is right, and the server is right. Here's the code:

mysqlCon.ConnectionString = "Server=(servername);Username=(username);Pwd=(rightpassword); 
catch (Exception ex)
    MessageBox.Show("Could not establish a connection to database!");
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It migh tbe usefull to print the ex.Message instead of ignoring it. If you don't use the exception you caught, don't give it a name (e.g. use catch(Exception) – NKCSS Apr 9 '11 at 14:33

Shouldn't you use Uid instead of Username? At least says so :)
And also check what port is your MySQL running at. You might need to add port number to your connection string if you aren't using the default one - 3306.

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I use:

public MySqlConnection NewConnection(string host, int port, string db, string user, string pwd)
    string cstr = String.Format(
        host, port, db, user, pwdd);
    MySqlConnection conn = new MySqlConnection(cstr);
    try { conn.Open(); }
    catch (Exception ex)
        conn = null;
    return conn;
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Make sure that the database is reachable from the machine you're running the code.

Use telnet

telnet <server> 3306

or MySQL command line client

mysql -u <user> -h <server> -P <port> -p
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