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where in AIX is timeot set for a telnet session? I need to keep each session open indefinitely. I check the following files /etc/security/login.cfg /etc/security/.profile /etc/profile and my login files either TMOUT=0 or i remove it form these files, but idle session still went out? there is any services to start and stop for that?


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See this Tek-Tip forum post for the same issue.

In short:

  • check your TMOUT and TIMEOUT environment variables, if set, they could initiate closing of idle sessions
  • check /etc/security/login.cfg for a shell timeout in "logintimeout"
  • check your firewall, if it drops idle tcp connections after some time

Maybe you could also configure your clients to send null-packages from time to time to keep sessions alive.

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GNU Screen is a more general solution to this problem.

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