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Simple question... I have a service which returns the users and I implemented a FilterDescriptor which calls that service to populate a grid.

The filterdescriptor has the Contains operator and it works fine as far as the user's first or last name does not have accents. If I want to search for the 'Gómez' is my table, I want to be able to just type 'gomez', but that it's not working.

Is there a property or something I'm missing? How can I achieve that?

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The FilterDescriptor just translates it's output to something like myString.ToLower().Contains("inputString".ToLower()) (assuming case insensitivity). How do standard string operators handle accents? –  Kyle McClellan Apr 11 '11 at 14:31
I believe it depends on the StringComparison enumerator, but will check on that –  sebagomez Apr 11 '11 at 22:00

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This question helped me out... Ignoring accents in SQL Server using LINQ to SQL

ALTER TABLE IDBUsers ALTER COLUMN LastName nvarchar(256) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AI
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