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I have a ruby script from which I want to launch 4 rake tasks to run in parallel.

How do I do this? I think I'll need to Fork and detach a process but I need the exact syntax.

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It's better if you let Rake handle the parallelism. You can do that using "multitask." Inside the Rakefile:

desc "Start everything."
multitask :start => [ 'mongodb:start', 'haystack:start' ]

Background and source.

Otherwise, presuming you are doing this from outside the Rakefile, you could use horrid code like this, which would not throw exceptions as you might expect, and could easily fail in a number of ways:

require 'rake'
load 'Rakefile'

def invoke(name)
  Thread.new do
    puts Rake::application[name].invoke

invoke :make_coffee
invoke :boil_eggs
invoke :empty_trash

(so don't do that)

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I really don't like this as a solution. That works fine as long as that particular entrypoint is used to kick off the build; however, just to beat a dead horse (the -j option): with make I can select any target I want (eg, give an explicit path for a particular library to be built as opposed to specifying one of the convenience targets the build maintainer added) ... so long as I supply the -j option it builds in parallel. It looks as though this particular solution would only work as long as you have something in place to use multitask anywhere it could potentially be needed. –  Brian Vandenberg Feb 1 '13 at 21:59

use https://github.com/grosser/parallel

Parallel.each(data, :in_processes => 4) { |x| ruby_function(x) }

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You can try to use Multithreading:


also here was discussion on SO:

Running multiple background parallel jobs with Rails

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make has a similar feature (-j) which allows you to run multiple tasks in parallel.

there is a pull request open to have this feature available in rake: https://github.com/jimweirich/rake/pull/113

and a fork of rake with -j implemented: https://github.com/quix/rake

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