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I'd like to develop an application (in C++) similar to Pure Data, but with a cool GUI and a better documentation... Yes, something like Max/MSP or Reaktor, but free and open!

In order to create an appealing, reactive and portable interface I was thinking of using OpenGL. In my mind there is something like Blender GUI.

Before starting to develop my custom GUI toolkit I googled around in order to understand if there exist something that I could use, and I found:

  • Juce: it seems quite supported, but I didn't understand if you can only embed OpenGL canvas in your interface or it is possible to render all the widgets using OpenGL.
  • nUI: it seems really cool and portable, but... Its forum is a desert, and it's really hard to find a tutorial!
  • ceGUI, FLTK, GLUI: so flat and gray ;-) and any aren't still maintained.

Do you know other toolkit? As you understand I'm looking for a portable library (in C++), fast and supported.

The other possibility is developing from scratch my custom toolkit using SDL or Freeglut, in this case which could be the best solution?

P.S.: Reading other threads about this topic I noticed that many devs suggest using Qt... Could Qt relies on OpenGL for rendering? Or it could only host OpenGL canvas? Anyway do you think is possible (with good performance) creating something like this in Qt:

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nUI does have some tutorials in its github repository (see Wiki tab). – ergosys Apr 9 '11 at 17:13
@ergosys You're right, but as you can read here nUI Wiki: <<This wiki is currently being salvaged from a backup of the original website so it is incomplete and many features are broken (no images, missing links, etc.). Please bear with us as we fix the problems...>>. Anyway thanks... I think I'll give it a try! – Kill KRT Apr 9 '11 at 19:10
Ross Bencina's Audiomulch program fulfills some of the things you're describing interface-wise (although as a music/audio environment it's higher level than what you're proposing) and it uses Qt. You may want to get in touch with him. – daj Feb 25 '13 at 17:54
As a GUI complement, tiny file dialogs offers several function calls. It's a single C C++ cross-platform file to add to your project.It has no init and no main loop. – elisa Feb 28 at 8:10

There isn't really a good openGL toolkit, they tend to get invented for a particular app and then sort of abandoned.

Yes Qt works very well with openGL, there is an openGL QGlWidget with full hardware acceleration (and optional links to openCL). You can have as many QGLwidgets as you like in a Qt app - each with their own openGL commands inside them.

You can also mix Qt and openGL in the same QGlWidget (

Slightly off topic: You can also select Qt to use openGL for all it's rendering - this is still a bit experimental but means that 2d Qt can be much faster on some embedded platforms like phones.
edit: To clarify -the entire app are still normal Qt but drawn with openGL commands 'under the hood'

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Thanks Martin for your answer... So if I understand correct, with Qt is possible (as experimental way) using OpenGL to render the widget graphics. This is could be nice... Or anyway there is the possibility to embedded many OpenGL widgets with custom and accelerated drawing logic inside. – Kill KRT Apr 9 '11 at 17:59

I like Clutter and MX.

See and

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You can make a GUI for Tempi, my new dataflow toolkit. – Alexandre Quessy May 17 '12 at 20:16

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