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What are some examples of well-documented software errors that have cost lives (e.g. in medical technology, transportation systems, etc..) and what were the bugs?

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This question has been asked before. Over and over again. I think there may be a live version on Programmers.SE. – dmckee Apr 9 '11 at 18:42

One of the most "famous" was the Therac-25 system, which caused serious over-doses of beta-radiation due to a race condition in the code (IIRC).

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The Patriot missile originally had a bug where the targeting accuracy degraded if it was left running for more than a few hours without rebooting. The cause was a rounding error that built up over time (I'm not sure of the specifics). The bug killed at least 28 people when it allowed an enemy scud to get through.

Another notable (though I believe non-fatal) bug appeared in the Ariane 5 when a float-to-integer conversion failed in the launch sequence because the value was to large to fit in a 16-bit integer. The whole subsystem that contained the bug turned out to be unnecessary, a leftover from Ariane 4.

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