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I have a Drupal 7 website and would like to add a poll to it. I have enabled a Poll module and opened Add material -> Poll page. When I pressed "add variant" button I got an error stating that

AJAX HTTP error.
HTTP response code: 200
Debugging information follows.
Path: /system/ajax
Text status: OK
Fatal error:  Call to undefined function node_form_validate() in /*/public_html/includes/ on line 1390

How can it be fixed? I have rather small experience with Drupal and hardly imagine where to start.

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My solution to this problem – ram4nd Aug 4 '11 at 10:27
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Hmmm... Seems I have fixed it myself by adding

require_once(DRUPAL_ROOT . "/modules/node/");

to /modules/poll/poll.module as described here. It turned out this Drupal is not as a terrible CMS.

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