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I want to get a 500x500 HBITMAP of my screen from 0x0 (top-left) and draw it on my window. Here goes my code. SaveBitmap() Saves the HBITMAP and its working Fine.

int scrnw = 500;
int scrnh = 500;

HDC shdc=GetWindowDC(NULL);
HWND win=WindowFromDC(shdc);

HDC cdc=CreateCompatibleDC(shdc);
HBITMAP temp=CreateCompatibleBitmap(shdc,scrnw,scrnh);

HBITMAP oldb=(HBITMAP)SelectObject(cdc,temp);
char * buffer;
buffer=new char[scrnw*scrnh*4];

SaveBitmap("C:\\scan.bmp", temp);

HDC hdc=GetWindowDC(hwnd);
HBITMAP scrn = CreateCompatibleBitmap(hdc,500,500);

The Problem is the Captured Image is not being drawn on the Window.Where am I missing ?

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shdc is "forgetting" the screen when you perform shdc=BeginPaint(), so there's nowhere to get the image from.

Let it stay with shdc=GetWindowDC(NULL) and use another HDC for hdcMyPaint=BeginPaint(). After blitting to cdc, blit also to your hdcMyPaint. That should do it.

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