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I would like to specify a specific view file to render instead of the default one corresponding the REST architecture, meaning out of my 'create' function in the controller I would like to invoke the 'new' view file - which I believe can be done using:

def create
 render :new

But I also need that view file to ignore the cross-site layout specified in layouts/application.html.erb? is there a way to do that?

If it was out of the 'new' function, I could just state "render :layout => false" .. but I need it out of the 'create'

is there something like:

render :new, layout => false


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Another way is this:

render :template => :new, :layout => false
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I' not sure about that, would have to try it, but i think that you can do this :

layout 'application', :except => :action_name

to exclude the action in your controller.

EDIT : I just tried it, it works indeed :)

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You can do what you mentioned

def create
  render :new, :layout => false

You can then add the conditions like this

def create
  render :new, :layout => user_signed_in?

or the other way around depending on your need

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