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I have a universal app. I wrote all the iPhone code. Noe, rather than rewrite the code exactly the same, I would like to just have specialized xib files. How do I set up this new xib files. How to I create them and how do I link them to my iPhone classes. then how do I load them, meaning make the app pick the iphone xib or the ipad xib

thanks in advace Note, I'm using Xcode 3

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when you instantiate you controller using alloc init , Use initWithNibName and use the nib or .xib name you to associate with project.

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eh, kinda. That was part of it, but I also had to do a bunch of other stuff – Andrew Apr 10 '11 at 14:41

hmm, you say "I have a universal app", but sounds like you mean "I have an iPhone app and want to create a Universal App". If so, here is some info I used the first time I did this:

Jeff Lamarches stuff is pretty reliable I think.

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