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I had to use session-fixation-protection="none" in my application (form based login) as I have to switch between https (for login) and http (for all other pages) and I run into an issue when I deep dive directly to the login page (https) or go from another https page to login. The main problem seems to be that I must go from an http page first, then my login page (https page) and then it lands properly on the default-target-url page (http page). If I go directly to the https login page, I get the below exception (see debug trace) and the login page is re-displayed under http protocol and then I can login but its via http. Anyone now why this is?


    <context:annotation-config />
    <context:component-scan base-package="dc" />
    <global-method-security />
    <http access-denied-page="/auth/denied.html">
         <intercept-url filters="none" pattern="/javax.faces.resource/**" />
         <intercept-url filters="none" pattern="/services/rest-api/1.0/**" />
         <intercept-url filters="none" pattern="/preregistered/*"/>
            access="ROLE_NONE_GETS_ACCESS" />
            authentication-failure-url="/auth/login.html" />
         <logout invalidate-session="true" 
        <anonymous username="guest" granted-authority="ROLE_ANONYMOUS"/>
        <custom-filter after="FORM_LOGIN_FILTER" ref="xmlAuthenticationFilter" />
        <session-management session-fixation-protection="none"/>
    <!-- Configure the authentication provider -->
    <authentication-manager alias="am">
        <authentication-provider user-service-ref="userManager">
                <password-encoder ref="passwordEncoder" />
        <authentication-provider ref="xmlAuthenticationProvider" />

debug trace:

04:38:26,754 DEBUG ExceptionTranslationFilter:153 - Access is denied (user is anonymous); redirecting to authentication entry point Access is denied is in the debug trace. 04:38:26,755 DEBUG HttpSessionEventPublisher:66 - Publishing event:[source=org.apache.catalina.session.StandardSessionFacade@b3977b]
04:38:26,755 DEBUG HttpSessionRequestCache:39 - DefaultSavedRequest added to Session: DefaultSavedRequest[]
04:38:26,756 DEBUG ExceptionTranslationFilter:177 - Calling Authentication entry point.
04:38:26,756 DEBUG DefaultRedirectStrategy:36 - Redirecting to ';jsessionid=11F5897DD5FD398E9083BCC95CBF1C86'
04:38:26,756 DEBUG HttpSessionSecurityContextRepository:338 - SecurityContext is empty or anonymous - context will not be stored in HttpSession. 
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The second option here fixed my situation:

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Perhaps you could try adding the following listener, if you haven't done so.

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yeah I have it configured now but same issue. I get auth/login.html;jsessionid=6223D4A350010EA78CAF6DDB1E8E5510 on the login form's url address after logging out and trying to log back in. If I try again (second time after logout) I get in. – c12 Apr 10 '11 at 11:34
one thing I do notice is when i log out and go to the auth/login.html page im on https which is right. Then I attempt a login and it fails and then im on http with host/app/auth/… – c12 Apr 10 '11 at 11:40
posted updates above in original question (debug trace), any ideas? – c12 Apr 10 '11 at 11:41

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