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How can I toggle an element's css on focus with jquery?

$('.answerSpace').bind('blur', function(){

$('.answerSpace').bind('focus', function(){

So now I have this. But it doesn't quite work...

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$('.answerSpace').bind('blur', function(){ $('.normProf').removeClass("normProf").addClass('opacProf'); });
$('.answerSpace').bind('focus', function(){ $('.opacProf').removeClass("opacProf").addClass('normProf'); });
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Solid. Sweet it works perfectly. Thanks a ton. –  hubrid Apr 9 '11 at 22:13

Well, if I get you right, you can use onblur and onfocus events, with the toggleClass function:

$('#yourelement').bind('blur', function(){

$('#yourelement').bind('focus', function(){
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Hmmm, if I use this, the css changes on the first focus. Then it doesn't change back on the blur. Nor the second blur. But actually on the third blur it then reverts to the previous css. The code I'm using is above. –  hubrid Apr 9 '11 at 22:09
You could combine the bind('blur focus') –  John Magnolia Apr 3 '13 at 9:18

Check this out, it's exactly how y'all should do jQuery focus toggle..

Basic use case:

$('element').on('focus blur', toggleFocus);

function toggleFocus(e){
    if( e.type == 'focusin' )
        // do something on focus
        // do something else on blur
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This is the most elegant solution here. –  Pete Sep 5 at 6:48

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