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i have an app with different activities that make queries on Sqlite and show the result through listviews. I've implemented a dbhelper class extending SQLiteOpenHelper and i have made method such as public Cursor getXYZ() that return a Cursor object that is passed to a SimpleCursorAdapter.

I'm not sure if this is the good way to work with sql in Android, i don't know where and when closing cursors and database, can anyone suggest me the best practice to do? I just make select on db, data does not change.

Thanks in advance and greetings c.

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I would recommend not returning a Cursor outside of your database code. I prefer to use the Cursor given to me from a query, and extracting the data into a model which I can return. That way you are decoupled from the underlying data source. Also, before you return your model object(s), you have an opportunity to close the cursor and clean up any other necessary resources.

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Here is a wrapper I wrote/use which makes it slightly easier to use SQLite well in the context of android - SqlDb for Android –  kashif Dec 31 '13 at 10:33

This is an interesting article...Android Sqlite Locking

The title may not seem like what you want but it actually explains some stuff about how SQLite works in Android and might help answer a few of your concerns.

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