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When I run the following code in the view:

- if @object.winner.present? && @object.winner.prizes.any?
    = @object.winner.prizes.each do |p|
      %li= p.description.html_safe

It's returning this:

li prize1
li prize2
li prize3
[#<Prize object...> ... ]

Does anyone know why it is listing the @object.winner.prizes collection in the view directly after the last @object.winner.prizes object is displayed?

Extremely baffled! I'm using Rails v3.0.6

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This is because you're using = when you should be using - to iterate over the objects:

- @object.winner.prizes.each do |p|
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OMG, I am such a dumb @$$! Bedtime for me I guess! – Coderama Apr 9 '11 at 23:03

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