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I want to build a client for a web-service using XML::Compile::WSDL11. This is the code I use:

my $wsdl = XML::Compile::WSDL11->new($wsdlfile);
my $call = $wsdl->compileClient('MyMethod', port => 'MyPort');

However, some operations return errors like this:

error: cannot find ref element '{http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema}schema' at ...

AFAIC, this means that some schemas're missing. From the manpage:

on purpose you must explicitly load the files you need from local disk

How can I determine what schema files are required by the WSDL and import them automatically?

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The required XSD file comes with XML::Compile. You can import it like this:

my $wsdl = XML::Compile::WSDL11->new($wsdlfile);

See XML::Compile::Util for the list of other schemas which can be imported this way.

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