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i am leveraging this project to use jqgrid to filter and sort collections. The one issue i see if that, when looping through the collection and checking the property of a string field is null, this code below will blow up. i want to tweak the code below so it creates a lambda that not only does a "ToString()" and "Contains" but also support if a property is null (and treats it as string.empty)

I basically have 2 inputs into this function below:

  1. FieldName
  2. Data Value

and the code below is dynamically building up an expression to loop through a collection and check "Contains" against the property that maps onto the FieldName being passed in.

i have code that looks like this:

        ParameterExpression parameter = Expression.Parameter(query.ElementType, "p");

        MemberExpression memberAccess = null;
        MethodCallExpression memberAccessToString = null;
        foreach (var property in column.Split('.'))
            memberAccess = MemberExpression.Property(memberAccess ?? (parameter as Expression), property);
            memberAccessToString = MemberExpression.Call(memberAccess, "ToString", new Type[] {}, new Expression[] {});

        Expression condition = null;
        LambdaExpression lambda = null;
            case WhereOperation.Contains:
                condition = Expression.Call(memberAccessToString,
                lambda = Expression.Lambda(condition, parameter);

        MethodCallExpression result = Expression.Call(
               typeof(Queryable), "Where",
               new[] { query.ElementType },

        return query.Provider.CreateQuery<T>(result);
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this code below will blow up Can you specify where it blows up what the exception is when it blows up? – Bala R Apr 9 '11 at 23:05
@Bala R - when the lambda actually runs against the collection i get "object not set to instance of . . ." – leora Apr 9 '11 at 23:18
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Have you checked Expression.Coalesce you could apply it to memberAccess before calling ToString()

memberAccess = MemberExpression.Property(memberAccess ?? (parameter as Expression), property);
memberAccessToString = MemberExpression.Call(Expression.Coalesce(memberAccess,Expression.Constant(string.Empty)), "ToString", new Type new Type[] {}, new Expression[] {});

Didn't test it but may lead to the solution

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+1 I used the same approach, tested and this works indeed – BrokenGlass Apr 9 '11 at 23:52
i tried this and it worked on string fields but now it causes errors with fields that are not strings. i get this error: "Argument types do not match". Here is the exact line that i added: memberAccessToString = MemberExpression.Call(Expression.Coalesce(memberAccess, Expression.Constant(string.Empty)), "ToString", new Type[] {}, new Expression[] {}); – leora Apr 10 '11 at 11:48
Since you mentioned that you wanted your property treated as string.Empty I assumed all your properties were strings. If that's not the case you should add a Cast to object so both elements of coalesce have the same type. – CriGoT Apr 10 '11 at 13:48
Here is the code. memberAccessToString = MemberExpression.Call(Expression.Coalesce(Expression.Convert(memberAccess,typeof‌​(object)), Expression.Convert(Expression.Constant(string.Empty),typeof(object))), "ToString", new Type[] {}, new Expression[] {}); – CriGoT Apr 10 '11 at 13:57

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