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I want to get values from an array, For example this is array:

$tags_array = $_REQUEST['item'];

With print_r, I get following:

    [tags] => Array
            [0] => tag1
            [1] => tag2


I want to get values of array with for each loop.

foreach ($tags_array as $tag) {  
         echo $tag;           

It prints nothing. Thanks for help.

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It should at least print Array or something like that... – Felix Kling Apr 10 '11 at 0:04
I'm gonna take a guess here and think $tag actually holds this type of information: <tag>. If you echo that in a browser it will interpret it as an actual html tag, and thereby showing nothing. Look at the html code in your browser, or do a print_r( $tag ) – Decent Dabbler Apr 10 '11 at 0:04
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You have two arrays, one inside another:

foreach ($tags_array as $tag_array) {  
         foreach ($tag_array as $tag)          
              echo $tag;
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You have an array in an array. Try this

foreach ($tags_array['tags'] as $tag) {  
         echo $tag;           
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