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I'm wondering if it's possible (and how) to build a tool to add support for proxy connection to an existing application. Let me explain.

Take the CodePlex Client (cpc.exe), it's a command line utility used to connect to CodePlex TFS. I'm behind a proxy and not being able to use it. I'd like to write an application, let's say "ProxyEnabler". This application will launch the cpc.exe file as a child process and intercept each HTTP request to rebuild it with a proxy configuration.

It can be used like this: ProxyEnabler.exe cpc.exe It can read the proxy configuration in an app.config file.

I don't ask here to write the application ;-) I just need to know if it feasible (mainly the HTTP interception & redirection)

Thanks in advance! Fabian

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FreeCap can do this (proxies via HTTP CONNECT or Socks), but it works by hooking the Windows socket functions; I'm not sure how to do that in .net

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Thanks for the link but it's unusable for my issue. –  Fabian Vilers Feb 18 '09 at 22:04

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