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I use RestFB 1.6.4 to create a facebook application. I publish on wall of users using the following command:


the problem is that this command publishes the message right away. i want an HTML page to pop up that shows the user the message that is about to be sent, allowing him to add a comment.

for example on Zynga Poker whenever I want to publish a message an html page pops up and I can confirm before the message is sent. is there something like that with restfb? does the facebook graph api allows this method ?



I'll check the legacy API. maybe restfb is not the solution in here. When I try to post on wall using the method in RestFB, i need to request extra permissions to allow me to post on the wall of the user.

I need to find a different method that shows the user what I want to post on wall and when he confirms, the message will be posted without requesting more permissions when the user allows my appplication.

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I suggest you ask this question in the RestFB google group before resorting to Stack Overflow – 8vius Apr 13 '11 at 15:51
thanks just posted the question on restfb googlegroup. once i'll get an answer i'll post it here. – ufk Apr 26 '11 at 16:54
Another thing you could do, is that when the user decided to post the message you don't execute the request right away, instead you prompt him with a message dialog, let him add the comment, add this comment to the request and then make the call, it also depends on what you are trying to publish. Also check the Legacy part of the rest FB API which uses the FB stream publish API to post more complex things such as embedded Flash content – 8vius Apr 26 '11 at 17:18

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