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int main()
    int r, c;
    r = getchar();
    c = getchar();

After it reads in r, the program outputs r and quits. I want it to ask for c and input it but how come it doesnt do that?

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Are you entering the characters on the same line, or on 2 lines?

getchar() will wait until you press enter, and then start parsing the characters. If you have entered 2 characters on 2 different lines, it will read the first character and then the \n character.

What I mean is, the following input:


is equivalent to "a\nb".

getchar() will grab the \n instead of b, and print a\n\n.

You want to type both characters, and only then hit enter.

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To clarify: getchar does not wait until you hit enter; the terminal application buffers input until you hit enter and then sends everything at once. – Potatoswatter Apr 10 '11 at 2:10

You're probably typing X + Enter. The first getchar() reads the character X, and the second getchar() reads a newline generated when you press Enter. Type both your characters without pressing Enter.

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@Yi Jiang: cool formatting, thanks for the info! – Ernest Friedman-Hill Apr 10 '11 at 2:09

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