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How do I set this up in cocos2d? I know it has to be super simple. The part I don't understand is how do I get a reference to this in order to add it to the main cocos2d view. I'm under the understanding that I should never subclass it...

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I am an active memeber of the Cocos2d forum. Perhaps posting on the Cocos2d forum would be the best place and people with more experience. – Craig White Apr 10 '11 at 2:20

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I use this code for presenting a GKLeaderboard within cocos2d.

        GKLeaderboardViewController *leaderboardController = [[GKLeaderboardViewController alloc] init];

        UIViewController *container = [[UIViewController alloc] init];
        [container setView:[[CCDirector sharedDirector] openGLView]]; 
        [container setModalTransitionStyle: UIModalTransitionStyleCoverVertical];

        leaderboardController.leaderboardDelegate = container;

        [container presentModalViewController: leaderboardController animated: YES];

I'm sure you could adapt it to present a UINavigationController.

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