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I tried to search if it's legal or GAE will be able to support sending/receiving email just fine with mailing list kind of operation -- but so far I couldn't find anything useful.

Do you know if this is permissible or possible? Or even a good idea?

I'm thinking simple mailing list software for a single owner.

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Yes you can build that, and in the GAE documentation is a good chapter about how to do that:


If the fairly high quotas for sending mail:


are not enough, you can ask for an increase. Not sure if that will cost you money.

Gruss Bernd

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App Engine does support sending and receiving email (see sending mail in App Engine and receiving mail in App Engine). The App Engine program policy prohibits sending spam emails (see the "Prohibited Actions" section), but as long as you are sending legitimate emails, there should not be a problem.

That said, if this is secondary to your main application (i.e. you just want to provide a mailing list as a support forum, for example), it may be easier to just use Google Groups for that functionality.

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