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When I click the update button, the table td values should be updated with the input field values. Here is the fiddle

$(function() {
       var txt = $(#name).val();
name: my name
<div class="col2-content" id="info">
    <div class="para">
                 <label for="name">name:</label>
                  <input id="name" name="name" type="text" onclick="return false;">
         <div class="update">
            <button id="update" type="submit">update</button>
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ahh... shouldn't it be .html? Isn't .val for inputs? –  Elad Lachmi Apr 10 '11 at 6:10

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use html() for setting or getting td value and val() to get or set input value.\

//html('somevalue') sets td's value and html() fetches it's value
//val('somevalue') sets input's value and val() fetches it's value


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Your fiddle was riddled with JS errors and wrong method calls, that's why it didn't work. You should have the JS console visible at all times because it shows errors in your coding.

Anyway, I cleaned it up and it works

$(function() {
      $('#edit').click(function() {
           $('#tname'). html($('#name').val());


When changing the html inside elements use the .html() tag and not .val()

Here's a working fiddle

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If that code is copy-pasted from your actual files, you have a small error:

   var val = $('#name').val();// use quotes around selector
   $('#tname'). val($('#name').attr('value'));// you forgot the hash


Just checked your fiddle, val() only works with form elements. Try using html() for other tags.

Here's my example on fiddle.

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It seems that you are missing some single quotes in your jQuery.

$(function() {
       var val = $('#name').val();

That should fix it.

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