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I am attempting to grab the recently inserted ID for a table, but I keep receiving a casting error. The item always contains NULL, and I am not sure why. I am following the instructions located here: http://www.mikesdotnetting.com/Article/54/Getting-the-identity-of-the-most-recently-added-record

Here is my SqlDataSource:

<asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource2" runat="server" 
    ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:NH_SWAGConnectionString %>"             
    InsertCommand="INSERT INTO [tblOrders] ([OrderDate], [OrderTotal], [OrderAccount], [OrderCostCentre]) VALUES (@OrderDate, @OrderTotal, @OrderAccount, @OrderCostCentre); SET @OrderNewID = SCOPE_IDENTITY()" 
    SelectCommand="SELECT * FROM [tblOrders]" 
    UpdateCommand="UPDATE [tblOrders] SET [OrderDate] = @OrderDate, [OrderTotal] = @OrderTotal, [OrderAccount] = @OrderAccount, [OrderCostCentre] = @OrderCostCentre WHERE [OrderID] = @original_OrderID AND [OrderDate] = @original_OrderDate AND [OrderTotal] = @original_OrderTotal AND [OrderAccount] = @original_OrderAccount AND [OrderCostCentre] = @original_OrderCostCentre"            
        <asp:Parameter Direction="Output" Name="OrderNewId" Type="Int32" />
        <asp:Parameter Name="OrderDate" Type="DateTime" />
        <asp:Parameter Name="OrderTotal" Type="Decimal" />
        <asp:Parameter Name="OrderAccount" Type="String" />
        <asp:Parameter Name="OrderCostCentre" Type="String" />
        <asp:Parameter Name="original_OrderID" Type="Int32" />
        <asp:Parameter Name="original_OrderDate" Type="DateTime" />
        <asp:Parameter Name="original_OrderTotal" Type="Decimal" />
        <asp:Parameter Name="original_OrderAccount" Type="String" />
        <asp:Parameter Name="original_OrderCostCentre" Type="String" />

Here is the code behind inserting the new record, and calling SCOPE_IDENTITY() to grab the new ID:

protected void btnOrder_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    //Add entry to Order Table    

    SqlDataSource2.InsertParameters.Add("OrderDate", DateTime.Now.ToString("MMMM dd, yyyy"));
    SqlDataSource2.InsertParameters.Add("OrderTotal", "0");
    SqlDataSource2.InsertParameters.Add("OrderAccount", ItmUser);
    SqlDataSource2.InsertParameters.Add("OrderCostCentre", ItmCostCode.Text);


protected void SqlDataSource2_Inserted(object sender, SqlDataSourceStatusEventArgs e)
    OrderNewID = (int)e.Command.Parameters["@OrderNewId"].Value;

Why @OrderNewId above is NULL?

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Does the insert work? It looks to me like it would need more parameters defined in InsertParameters (the xml). But then, I never use asp:SqlDataSource so I could be off-base –  Marc Gravell Apr 10 '11 at 7:35
@MarcGravell yes, the insert works if I comment out the line in the Inserted() portion of the code.. I define the parameters with values in code-behind in the btn_click() event. –  Kolten Apr 10 '11 at 17:49

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Ok I got it figured. Instead of using SET I used SELECT in the InsertQuery:

INSERT INTO [tblOrders] ([OrderDate], [OrderTotal], [OrderAccount], [OrderCostCentre]) VALUES (@OrderDate, @OrderTotal, @OrderAccount, @OrderCostCentre); SELECT @OrderNewID = SCOPE_IDENTITY()
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Don't forget to accept your answer as correct. –  abatishchev Apr 10 '11 at 18:52

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