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Is there some one-liner bridge method to dump a given Enumeration to java.util.List or java.util.Set?

Something built-in like Arrays.asList() or Collection.toArray() should exist somewhere, but I'm unable to find that in my IntelliJ debugger's evaluator window (and Google/SO results, too).

Thanks in advance, Anton

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You can use Collections.list() to convert an Enumeration to a List in one line:

List<T> list = Collections.list(enumeration);

There's no similar method to get a Set, however you can still do it one line:

Set<T> set = new HashSet<T>(Collections.list(enumeration));
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Somehow I missed this method while lurking in the autocompletion dropdown. Thanks! –  Anton S. Kraievoy Apr 10 '11 at 9:40

How about this: ArrayList Collections.list(Enumeration e)

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I needed same thing and this solution work fine, hope it can help someone also

Enumeration[] array = Enumeration.values();
List<Enumeration> list = Arrays.asList(array);

then you can get the .name() of your enumeration.

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