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i have table called messages which has field called (emails) with type text . for example this field value is ( , . , and what i want when i am logged in with ( to display only messages that has value of ( how can it be done with mysql & php ?

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but EMAIL should probably be indexed to avoid haveing to scan the whole table to find matching rows. And type TEXT is probably unnecessary. Emails are not likely to be longer than 100 characters, so maybe set the type to VARCHAR(100) or similar.

Or given that each user will have an id, it's perhaps better get them out by USER_ID (which should also be indexed):


where USER_ID is the ID in your USER table or equivalent.

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thanks Richard , but my idea is to avoid building another table to hold users id and the message which depend on relation one to many , so i thought there would be way with this idea . – mohamad salama Apr 10 '11 at 12:35

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