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i have a web application and all of its images are relative path, for example '../../images/logo.png',

i need to change all of the images in the application to another domain, for example : 'static.domain.com/images/logo.png'

is there a fast way to change all the data ? of course the long option is to iterate all images and change them manually,

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Why don't you do a find and replace (ctrl + H) and replace "../../images/" with 'static.domain.com/images/' risky but should be the easiest? –  TBohnen.jnr Apr 10 '11 at 10:02

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  • Replace all occurrences manually
  • Use custom image class, inherited from System.Web.UI.WebControls.Image, to make possible configuration of behavior regarding image path
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In general you should encapsulate relative paths to resources in a code block, like this (using an ASP.NET MVC example as my classic ASP.NET skills are gettting rusty):

<%= Url.Content( "~/images/logo.png" ) %>

To map them to a different path than the default, you can either define a custom route that matches all *.png files (and any other used formats) or introduce your own helper extensions so that you can rewrite the above to something like this:

<%= Url.Static( "~/images/logo.png" ) %>
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The easiest is like @TBohnen.jnr said

Why don't you do a find and replace (ctrl + H) and replace "../../images/" with 'static.domain.com/images/' risky but should be the easiest?

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you can write a httmhandler for handling .png files, and change their address there. another way is to press ctrl+f and find and replace ../../ with your new address in entire solutions which takes a minute.

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