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I've got an application at that contains an OAuth portion provided by Devise. The configuration is at config/initializers/devise.rb. I have got this working with Twitter but always get this "invalid credentials" message back from GitHub.

I cannot see what I am doing differently between Twitter and GitHub. To my knowledge, this should Just Work(tm).

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This is actually because GitHub's OAuth2 support doesn't mesh with the current draft of the OAuth2 specification. Basically, they want a parameter called "access_token" but the oauth2 gem's latest version (0.3.0 as of this writing) passes this through as "oauth_token", as the latest version of the draft requires.

This basically works with every other provider except GitHub because they haven't yet updated their support for this alternatively named parameter.

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Did you register your application with Github? Do you provide the correct keys? I have a similar authentication here, without Devise, however, configuration (in development.rb) should be nearly the same:

Edit: you need different registrations for development and production due to the callback route.

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Yes and yes. 15char – Ryan Bigg Apr 10 '11 at 10:15
Strange. I had this error once where I had two initializers in my app with different keys, one in the initializers, one in development.rb. However, I doubt that you made this mistake too. You could test if your keys work in my omniauth_pure to eliminate one source of error. – Markus Proske Apr 10 '11 at 13:12

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