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I've the following style that I need to set at run-time from within GWT code:

margin: 0 0 0 -6px !important;

I've tried the following which didn't work:

Style style = htmlProductSearch.getElement().getStyle();
style.setProperty("margin", "0 0 0 -6px !important");

However, when I removed the !important from the string, it works.. but I urgently need to make this style important.

Also I've used the setters methods setMarginxxxx but didn't work too.


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3 Answers

htmlProductSearch.getElement().setAttribute("style","margin : 0 0 0 -6px !important");
Hope this should work.

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Well, first of all I must prevent you from using the !important clause, since it defeats the same concept of cascading.

But if you don't have other choice, you can make it work removing the shorthand sytle. This should work for you:

margin-left: -6px !important;
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Within GWT????? –  Muhammad Hewedy Apr 30 '11 at 14:10
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Not a perfect solution but you can use the addStyleName to add a css style.

In this css style you can use the !important.

This will work I think

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