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I just would like to make a simple dataBinding between a textbox field and a dataGridView control.. How can I make this? enter image description here

With Winforms I would add a Databinding with this

 NameTextBox.DataBindings.Add("Text", ds, "Categories.Category_Product.ProductName");

But I'm trying to do this in wpf and I don't see how to make this..

Here's the code for the page.

 public partial class Categories : Window
    public Categories()
        DataTable dt = CATEGORIE_MANAGER.GetList(false);

        listViewListe.ItemsSource = dt.DefaultView;
        cbbParent.ItemsSource = dt.DefaultView;                                   


How can I link the textBox with the ListViewListe? Should I use the dataContext? How can I do that?


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<TextBox x:Name="NameTextBox" 
DataContext="{Binding ElementName=listViewListe, Path=SelectedItem}"
Text="{Binding ProductName}"/>
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<TextBox x:Name="NameTextBox" DataContext="{Binding ElementName=listViewListe, Path=SelectedItem"} Text="{Binding Path=ProductName}"/> works Thanks a lot –  bAN Apr 10 '11 at 13:24

In your Xaml

<TextBox Text={Binding ElementName=NameTextBox,Path=SelectedItem.ProductName} />
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