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When I compiled my app I got this warning and I couldn't understand it.

/Users/imac/Desktop/MyApp/RechercherView.xib:44:0 This bar button item's style is set to 'plain'. This configuration is not supported when in a navigation item.
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Plain is for when a bar button item is on a tab bar, it means there is no border at all and you just see the item. This is not supported on a nav bar and they must be bordered. If you wish to get the appearance of an item without a border, you should make your own custom UIButton to put up there

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oups, the info button was setted to plain style, i changed it to bordered style and the warnings disappear, thank you for your help :) – Malloc Apr 10 '11 at 14:17
  1. go to the navigation item
  2. select the navigation Bar button
  3. just change the bar button item in attribute inspector
  4. style from plain to rounded or done
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