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I have this serialize data in my mySQL database


How can I update this data, for example I want to delete ccop.jpg?

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You have to fetch the value from the database, unserialize it, remove the element, serialize it and save again.

$remove = "ccop.jpg";

// get the string from the database

$arr = unserialize($str);

foreach($arr as $key => $value)
  if ($value == $remove) unset($arr[$key]);

$str = serialize($arr);

// save the string back to the database

Instead of saving serialized list of values, it's better to have a normalized database and just do a simple DELETE FROM images WHERE object_id = ....

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Thank you for the idea, if I could only decide I will probably do that, but unfortunately I just doing the php code I can't alter the database table definition, that is why I am looking an alternative way. –  reyBorn Apr 10 '11 at 15:24

Do not store serialized data in database.

Create a linked table consists of main_id and picture and store your image names in it.
So, you will have distinct access to them.

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Ideally you need to

  • extract it
  • deserialize it
  • modify it
  • serialize it
  • write it back to the database.
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Since you are storing it in a VARCHAR field and it is a PHP serialized array you would want to pull it out of the database unserialize and then re-update the field. You shouldn't look to MySQL to modify PHP specific information because well ... that's not what it is made for.

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Thank you gentlement you save my day :) –  reyBorn Apr 10 '11 at 15:25

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