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I have some java experience, but i am new to Xcode, and I bought the book Learning iOS programming by Michael Daley in order to learn how to make a game using OpenGL ES. I just created a new OpenGl ES application project in Xcode 3.2.6. When I opened it, there was already a sample application in there which should display a rainbow square moving up and down with a gray background. I pressed build and run and the simulator came up, but when the app tried to open, it immediately crashed. On the bottom left of the screen I got the message "Debugging terminated." and on the right bottom i got the message "succeeded". The book did not go over this error, and just told me that the application should run, which was very frustrating.

I am confused to why the simulator is crashing when I have not messed with any code.

I also tried build and debug, and on the bottom left of the screen says "MyAPP has exited with status 1."

Is anyone else running into this problem when running the sample code? Also, I am guessing that I am running OpenGL ES 2.0 because there are shader files in my project, but how do I start a project in OpenGL ES 1.1? I am pretty sure that the code in the book is wirtten in 1.1.

I can paste the debugging log if that would help anyone find the problem.


Here is the part of the log:

LLVM ERROR: Cannot yet select: 0x703f710: v4i32 = bit_convert 0x7056d50 [ORD=129] [ID=69] 0x7056d50: v8i16 = X86ISD::PUNPCKLWD 0x703d9b8, 0x703fd70 [ID=68] 0x703d9b8: v8i16 = bit_convert 0x7056cc8 [ORD=127] [ID=67] 0x7056cc8: v16i8 = X86ISD::PUNPCKLBW 0x703dac8, 0x7012b18 [ID=66] 0x703dac8: v16i8 = bit_convert 0x7056c40 [ORD=125] [ID=65] 0x7056c40: v4f32 = X86ISD::VZEXT_MOVL 0x703f358 [ID=64] 0x703f358: v4f32 = scalar_to_vector 0x703f028 [ID=62] 0x703f028: f32,ch = load 0x7056bb8, 0x703fa40, 0x703d688 [ORD=120][ID=61]

Debugger stopped. Program exited with status value:1.(gdb)

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Paste the log... :) –  mmccomb Apr 10 '11 at 15:44

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You may have run into this: LLVM ERROR: Cannot yet select: error

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