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I am a developer and recently my company have decided to work with Gitolite repository.

I work on a Windows machine and I have created my private/public key using PuTTYgen and I sent my public key to repository administrator and he added me as a developer to the project.

I am using Netbeans with Git plugin installed.

My questions are: Do I need to install anything else to push my local repository to the remote server? Msysgit is necessary to be installed or not? Do I need some other configurations to make?

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All you need is push/pull of git+ssh protocol:

So if you can make either one of those pugin work for push, you don't require msysgit (using msysgit would mean leaving Netbeans to perform Git operations).

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Actually I use Netbeans 7 RC2 so I see that NbGit is working only for Netbeans 6.9. And Netbeans Git plugin is not supporting push yet. So my option for now is only msysgit? ...This given, is there some tutorial how to config gitolite to work with msysgit on a Window machine so that I can push to remote server? – Ek Kosmos Apr 10 '11 at 17:47
@Ek Kosmos: you mean your gitolite server is a Windows one? Anyway, there isn't much configuration on the client side (Windows - msysgit) to push to a gitolite server. The main setting to watch out for is the environment variable HOME (which isn't a variable defined by default in a Windows environment). This is where msysgit will look for your ~/.ssh keys. – VonC Apr 10 '11 at 18:13
No, I have no server to configure. I only need to configure my local Windows machine so that when I write: git push --all git@THESERVER:THEPROJECT in msysgit to work. For this I have asked if you know some tutorial, but if you say isn't much configuration on the client side only the HOME variable, I will take care at that. – Ek Kosmos Apr 11 '11 at 5:34
@Ek Kosmos: don't forget to edit your ~/.ssh/config file (see second part of stackoverflow.com/questions/5041067/gitolite-git-clone-error/…. That way, you can git clone gitolite:THEPROJECT instead of git clone git@THESERVER:THEPROJECT – VonC Apr 11 '11 at 5:40

Gitolite is supposed to be completely transparent to both client and server operations except to mediate access.

On the client this means it's just another ssh based git URL. Personally I hate putty/plink but I know they (can be made to) work. Someone contributed putty.mkd to gitolite docs; you can check there.

On the server this means it's just another bare repository, except it has a special 'update' hook that you must not fiddle with. Otherwise there's no difference.

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