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So I have a list with lots of items like below:

<ul id="usersList">
   <li><FORM><INPUT class="eButton" type="button" value="robot669394444" onClick="openWin('robot669394444',1280,720)"></FORM></li> 
   <li><FORM><INPUT class="eButton" type="button" value="robot6693925" onClick="openWin('robot6693925',1280,720)"></FORM></li> 

I want to get all INPUT values using jQuery into an array. How to do such thing?

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var vals = $("form input").map(function() {
  return $(this).val();

Alternatively (more cleanly)

var vals = [];
$("form input").each(function() {
  vals.push( $(this).val() );

The second alternative is more clean since it leaves you with a plain vanilla array. The result of map() still is a jQuery object. Since these are (and behave exactly like) arrays, this might not be a problem. But it's useful to keep that subtle difference in mind.

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It's not always possible to store all params (keys and values) in an object, because two inputs can have same name.

But you can use: $('form.myform').serializeArray() to get an object like [{param1:value2}, {param2: value2}]

Or use $('form.myform').serializeArray().map(function(e){ return e.value;}) to get list of all values [value1, value2, ...]

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I am not sure of a way to do it with Jquery, but using simple javascript can help

var uL=document.getElementById("usersList");
var i=0;
var inArr=new Array();



inArr will contain all the input element objects in it...

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