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So I have a javascript function that runs on page load, listed below:

function createGrid()
            var myGrid = 
                reportBtn = "<input style='height:22px;width:100px;' type='button' value='Report' />",
                getColumnIndexByName = function(grid,columnName) {
                    var cm = grid.jqGrid('getGridParam','colModel');
                    for (var i=0,l=cm.length; i<l; i++) {
                        if (cm[i].name===columnName) {
                            return i; // return the index
                    return -1;

                url: "<%= Url.Action("GetMessages", "Home") %>",
                datatype: 'json',
                myType: 'GET',
                height: 'auto',
                colModel: [
                    { name:'distance', index:'distance', label:'Distance', width:100 },
                    { name:'age', index:'age', label:'Age', width:75 },
                    { name:'message', index:'message', label:'Message', width:500 },
                    { name:'messageId', index:'messageId', key:true, hidden:true },
                    { name:'report', index:'report', label: 'Report', width:100,
                        formatter:function() { return reportBtn; } }
                loadComplete: function() {
                    var i=getColumnIndexByName(myGrid,'report');
                    // nth-child need 1-based index so we use (i+1) below
                    $("tbody > tr.jqgrow > td:nth-child("+(i+1)+") > input",myGrid[0]).click(function(e) {
                        var tr=$(e.target,myGrid[0].rows).closest("tr.jqgrow");
                        var x=window.confirm("Are you sure you want to report this message?")
                        if (x)
                pager: '#pager',
                caption: "What's going on in your area!"

Now it loads the grid fine, actually makes a call to the public ActionResult GetMessages() on the server correctly, and doesn't receive any data from the response, so it doesn't fill the grid and says there are no records. Yay!

Problem is, I click a button on the page, which triggers this javascript method:

function reloadGrid()

So the grid goes and re-gets the server method, yay! But this time, the server sends a response back that looks like this from firebug:

{"ContentEncoding":null,"ContentType":null,"Data":{"page":1,"records":2,"rows":[{"id":3,"cell":["\u003c 1 mile","25 hour(s)","sdfgsdfgsdfg","3"]},{"id":2,"cell":["\u003c 1 mile","25 hour(s)","adfg","2"]}],"total":1},"JsonRequestBehavior":1}

However, the grid doesn't fill and still says there are no records, when there should be 3.

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You use not standard format of JSON data, so you should include the corresponding jsonReader parameter in the jqGrid which describe how jqGrid should get the data from the JSON input:

jsonReader: {
    page: "Data.page",
    total: "Data.total",
    records: "Data.records",
    root: "Data.rows"

How you can read from the demo the data will be read after the change.

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