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so I have a list like

<ul id="usersList">
       <input class="eButton" type="button" value="robot669394444"
       <input class="eButton" type="button" value="robot6693925"

and empty div with id like PoPa. I want to have jQuery function that would make that div appear like a tool-tip on top of the button user mouse is over and show in that div that item value?

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Have you tried anything to make it work? How is the list relevant to your question ? – Khez Apr 10 '11 at 17:01
$("#usersList .eButton").hover(function(){
    //show & position tooltip here
}, function(){
    //hide tooltop here
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You're looking for something like this:

$('#usersList input[type=button]').hover(
    function() { /* Position and show #PoPa */ },
    function() { /* Hide #PoPa              */ }

The text you want will be in this.value (or $(this).val() if you have $(this) build for other uses) when the first callback is called.

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