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I am considering using postgresql/postgis for spatial research. I have one table with data, and one table with coordinates. The "data" alone is not sensitive. But as end-users easily can determine the identity of the cases, once combined with the coordinates the "data" is very sensitive.

I currently use the postgis functions to do spatial queries, and return the result to R for statistical analysis.

With postgresql is it possible to restrict the access to specific fields, so that end-users can use the field(coordinates) and fetch the result from spatial queries. But not able to return/export the field(coordinates) directly via a select statement.

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Since 8.4 you can use column level permissions to "lock" out a user from being able to select specific columns like you can do with a view or stored function.

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You can hide columns from the end user by creating a view that only contains the column the user is allowed to see, and then revoke the SELECT privilege from the underlying table.

But there is no way to prevent a user from locally saving (exporting) the data that he/she obtained by running a SELECT statement.

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It is possible to use SECURITY DEFINER function for that.

Revoke select privilege from your table for all users. Create a SECURITY DEFINER function which is owned by table owner and which only returns data of session_user interest.

But remember to write SECURITY DEFINER Functions Safely.

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