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When defining a spinner in code, you can set the mode to 'dialog' or 'dropdown':

Spinner(Context context, int mode) Construct a new spinner with the given context's theme and the supplied mode of displaying choices.

But I can't find this option when defining my layout in XML. Did I just miss it, or is this not possible in XML?

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No, according to the reference found here this is not possible. There is no corresponding XML attribute listed. Like other things as setting 24h mode for a timepicker, which is not possible in XML.

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As of API level 11, you can use

<Spinner style="@android:style/Widget.Spinner.DropDown" ... />


<Spinner android:spinnerMode="dropdown" ... />
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Good find. How I wish the system styles were documented... –  Reuben Scratton Mar 22 '12 at 10:20

If you're using the API level 10 or lower just remove android:spinnerMode and style from your XML file.

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To use SpinnerMode Xml attribute and work on API Level 11 or higher.

you need to create your own style for spinner.

1] put in themes.xml file in values Folder :

<style name="spinner_style" >
    <item name="spinnerMode">dialog</item>

2] put in themes.xml file in values-v11 Folder and values-v14 Folder :

<style name="spinner_style" >
    <item name="android:spinnerMode">dialog</item>

3] then use your style in Spinner xml tag

<Spinner android:id="@+id/my_spinner"
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According to the docs, the spinnerMode attribute was added in API level 11, not level 10. –  Ted Hopp Jan 26 at 0:42

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