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I have a base class which is used extensively in my code, but when I subclass it the base class method gets called in the following example code:

SubClass *foo;
[array addObject:foo];

for ( BaseClass *bc in array ) {
  [bc foo];

Is there a way to get the subclass's foo method called without changing the for loop? Can I do something like

foo {
  if ( what_class_am_i_really != BaseClass ) [what_class_am_i_really foo];
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Objective-C will automatically call the implementation of the subclass.

If it doesn't do this in your case, there's a bug somewhere in your code, and you need to show those methods.

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I've added the adding of the subclass to the array. Logging the object's class shows the base class in the loop. –  Mark Apr 10 '11 at 19:18
alloc wasn't of the subclass :) –  Mark Apr 10 '11 at 19:20

The subclass's method is called automatically. That's polymorphism. Casting it to the superclass does not invoke the superclass method.

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