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I installed screwturn then create a subdir where I created a website to deploy a silverlight page demo. In IIS I transformed the directory to webapp.

But when pointing towards this subdir in webbrowser screwturn takes over and return error

We're sorry, an error occurred while processing your request. The error information has been registered and it will be investigated. Please restart from the Main Page.

Why can't my subwebsite be independant ?

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Don't forget that web.config settings are inheritable. If your application's web.config has duplicated the the <configSections> part of the web.config then this will throw an exception.

Also if you haven't overridden the custom error handling in your web.config then the ScrewTurn wiki error handler will kick in.

I'd turn off <customError> handling in the ScrewTurn wiki web.config and your application web.config and that should reveal the true real reason why your subsite is failing.

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ok thanks will look at it. – user310291 Apr 12 '11 at 23:02

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