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I'm using django messages and i want to put an hyperlink in it.

from django.contrib import messages

def my_view(request):,"My message with an <a href='/url'>hyperlink</a>")

Obviously, in my page, i see the html code and no hyperlink. How to treat the message as an htlml code ?

Hope this is clear.

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While the answers here can work, I strongly suggest the answer provided to a very similar question here: -- it offers more potential flexibility without some of the caveats of other methods. – anonymous coward Jan 16 at 1:22

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Strings in Django templates are automatically escaped. You don't want your raw HTML to be auto-escaped, so you should either pass the string to the safe filter:

{{ message|safe }}

or disable autoescape with the autoescape tag:

{% autoescape off %}
    {{ message }}
{% endautoescape %}
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If you don't want to turn off autoescaping on all messages/templates, you can use mark_safe for that particular message:

from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe, mark_safe("My message with an <a href='/url'>hyperlink</a>"))

And if you maybe have some unsafe parts of your message, you can use cgi.escape to escape those parts.

from cgi import escape, mark_safe("%s <a href='/url'>hyperlink</a>" % escape(unsafe_value)))
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You have to be using SessionStorage for the messages framework in order for this to work - see… – George Lund Feb 7 '13 at 11:43

From, another option would be to use format_html which will apply escaping to (unsafe) arguments, similar to the escaping in the Template system.

from django.utils.html import format_html, format_html("My {} <a href='/url'>{}</a>", some_text, other_text))
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