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everyone. How would I generate the next color in the color spectrum? Like, a function that takes a red value, a green value, and a blue value for input and output. I could input solid red (RGB 255, 0, 0) and it would output an orangish-red.

EDIT: Some more background info: I'm assuming the H, S, and V values have numeric ranges from 0-255. The C program I'm writing increments the hue value if it is less than 256, resets it to 0 if it's not, converts the HSV to RGB, displays the color on the screen, and loops. I've tried a couple HSV-to-RGB functions, but they're not working.

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Which programming language are you using? –  sukru Apr 10 '11 at 23:52

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Instead of the RGB domain for colors, you should work with HSV values. This way, you can modify the H value to move around the spectrum.

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Edited the OP.. –  Babkock Apr 10 '11 at 23:26
Again, without context it's very difficult to help. You're telling the HSV-RGB functions are not working. Which programming language are you working with? For example, in C# it has been addressed at: stackoverflow.com/questions/1335426/… –  sukru Apr 11 '11 at 0:17
I figured it out, thank you for the suggestion. –  Babkock Apr 11 '11 at 20:53

Do you have to work with RGB values? If you don't, then use HSL as @sukru suggested, otherwise, try to convert it into HSL by following the instructions here, then increment the H value by 1/12, and convert to RGB.

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Edited the OP.. –  Babkock Apr 10 '11 at 23:25

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