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Is it possible to simply add new associations?

I have two objects tied together via has_and_belongs_to_many. Model A will always be unique but corresponding Model B objects might already be in the database.

When Model A is created how do I tell Rails to find corresponding Model B objects and tie the two models together - or - if no the appropriate Model B object does not exist then go ahead and create it? Should I do a .where lookup and then a SQL query to add the two IDs to the join table, or is there a native ActiveRecord method for doing this?

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This doesn't sound like a many-many relationship, if it is, you need to create a join table which contains model_a_id and model_b_id and not simply a foreign key in model_b. – Gazler Apr 10 '11 at 22:30
@Gazier thanks for pointing that out, I rewrote the question. – Marco Apr 10 '11 at 23:41

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A Rails association does not tie models in a restricted manner. Suppose that you have a User and a Post model. The association User has_many Posts simply creates an interface. Using that interface, you can now do :


and this will return all the posts of the user. If you want to add or find a post, you can execute :


This will either find the post or create it.

Also, in your example, you mention a one to many association. Thus you do not need a has and belongs to many association, but a has_many/belongs_to one.

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# the piece from create action of ProductsController
categories =
categories.each do |c|
  @product.categories << Category.find_or_create_by_name(
# ready to
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