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I am wondering about how people go about using CodeIgniter and jQuery for AJAX.

In your AJAX request you have

  url : ???,
  data : {a:1,b:2},
  success: ....

So, how do you build the URL?

Do you

  • have all your JavaScript in your view files, and just use site_url() to build the URL
  • have all your JavaScript in external js files, have a header view you include that has something like <script>var base_url = '<?php echo site_url(); ?>';</script>. Then in your external js files have url: base_url+'rest/of/path/';
  • some other method?
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I have my all my js in an external file and load it in my template.

For specific ajax requests, just call the page as you normally would.

    type: 'POST',
    url: '/ajax/login',
    data: blabla,
    success: function(data) {
    // do something
    dataType: 'json');

In answer to your question, I've had no need to specify the base url, as putting '/' before the controller name sets the root of the site automatically. You could also use ../ etc

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does just using / work when you are developing on localhost where the url is something like http://localhost/myproject/? – Hailwood Apr 11 '11 at 0:47
Ahh that's a good point. I normally change my hosts file when i develop locally and would set my base_url in config to something like http://local.website.com.. Or you could set up a virtual host within your apache config. – dangermark Apr 11 '11 at 0:55
hmm, that is an excellent idea. how would you edit your hosts file? just have local.myproject.com localhost/myproject? or am I completly wrong? – Hailwood Apr 11 '11 at 1:15
Have a read of this article: apptools.com/phptools/virtualhost.php I would suggest doing something a little simpler like http://myproject (just to save any mistakes). But basically you'll need to create a record in the httpd.conf of apache, then go into your hosts file and point to myproject. That article should help out anyway. – dangermark Apr 11 '11 at 1:21
url: '../ajax/login', this works for me – Rakesh May 6 at 10:04

if you are writing your ajax in external file then you can define your base url in the view file like

     var base_url = '<?php echo base_url(); ?>';

Then on your external ajax file write

url : base_url+'controllerName/functionName',
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It can also be done by loading a view that contains your JavaScript.

I currently load JavaScript from a view at the end of the rendered page. Since it is a PHP file with html <script> in it, you can use the URL helper functions like site_url() to generate the URLs you need for each function.

An example view might contain:

    url : "<?=site_url("controller/function")?>",
    data : {a:1,b:2},

That will get you CodeIgniter generated URLs for your JavaScript. You could even pass variables into the view for more control over your js.

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Usually I make a small javascript in my header, in which I create a base_url and site_url variable (usually being properties of an object I name CI, but that's a personal preeference). I fill these values by echoing the values with PHP. If you make that the first loaded script, you'll always have the site_url available in JS.

Since I'm on mobile I can't post the source now.

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