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This doesn't work in FF 4.0

I get:

Warning: Error in parsing value for 'background-position'. Declaration dropped. Source File:

Please let me know if you can open it and how to fix it if it's to be fixable.



It seems like firefox doesn't like [space] as value in the position attribute:

obj.css("backgroundPosition", "0px " + offset + "px");

What can i replace it with or escape it perhaps?

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I'm not getting an error in FF 4.0 on that page, however the animations are not working either. But I doubt it's because of the space, because that's the correct syntax. To which file and line does the error point to? – RoToRa Apr 11 '11 at 7:48
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The problem was with
obj.css("backgroundPosition", "0px " + offset + "px");

It has to be:
obj.css('background-position', ('0px ' + offset + 'px')); in order to work in Firefox 4

I have posted the whole code here (with some other minor changes):


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