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When I run rpm -qlp I get the file contents of the RPM as you can see below, but when I run rpm --scripts -qp CBS0.0.0_10.0.i386.rpm I get the scripts' contents, but not their filename.

My question is why can't I see the script names in the RPM contents (ie, where does the script s come from?)

$ rpm -qlp CS0.0.0_10.0.i386.rpm

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Try with following command: rpm -qlp --scripts CS0.0.0_10.0.i386.rpm

You can see the script contents

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I Know how to see the script , my qeustion was from where the script is come ? ( from which path? ) –  jon Apr 11 '11 at 4:57
Binary rpm file contain the spec file which written into the header of the file. If you open an rpm file in a hex editor you can see the script contents close to the top. –  Senthil Apr 11 '11 at 21:26

AFAIK scripts are part of RPM package meta-data, there are no files for scripts. The commands of scripts are written directly into spec-file just next to other meta-data like "description" or "license".

For example, see here the %post section. It contains a script of a single command. I believe all other scripts are written just the same.

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