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Can someone tell me how to install a map reduce (hadoop) plugin in eclipse-cpp-helios-SR2-linux ? Thanx in advance

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I don't know about the hadoop plug-in site if you find a site which provide hadoop plug-in than

There are two way to do it.

1:As you read over the net copy the plug-in and paste it into Eclipse plug-in folder and restart the eclipse. This is not the best way to install plug-in.

2: The proper way to install plug-in in eclipse is following : Go to Help menu in Eclipse main window press Install new software. Here in tab work with just put the address of website from where you want to install the plug-in.

Write any name for plug-in than look in the text box. it will provide you proper name of the plug-in and "next " tab at the bottom will be activated.

Press the next tab,It will install your plug-in . At the end of installation just restart the eclipse to take the new setting effect.

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both approaches are not working –  Shweta Apr 18 '11 at 4:23
as for the first approach to install hadoop this approach will work in eclipse which got java your eclipse don't have java tool chain thats why hadoop plug-in is not working. You try this approach with eclipse which has java it will work –  user513164 Apr 18 '11 at 6:25
for second approach you need website which provide hadoop plug-in. –  user513164 Apr 18 '11 at 6:27
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hi you can try this approach. Use any latest version of eclipse and than install CDT in it. This will allow you to write c/c++ application.

for your hadoop just go to you hadoop installation directory,here in contrib folder you will find eclipse plug-in in this folder you will get the jar file, just copy this file in to eclipse plug-in directory and restart the eclipse. Now check for map-reduce perspective in window->open perspective and select build configuration according to your system

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